Thermo-Facade Dowels

Ribbed Dowels of High Bearing Capacity

Thermo facade dowelsThese dowels are completely new product, designed for heavier loads and loads of past anchors available on the market.

Been tested according to ETAG standard -014. With the new regulations, the installation of thermo facade will be required on all residential and commercial buildings, and old residential and commercial buildings will also have to be protected by a thermal facade.

According to the new law, all existing and new buildings will be classified from A + to G class insulation.

Temporarily fixings are supplied in lengths ranging from 110 mm to 170 mm, with respect to the thickness of the insulation, which is determined by said object in the range of A + to G, all in accordance with the new Law on Construction and EU standards ETAG - 014.


Thermo-Facade Dowels Test results according to EU standard ETAG-014

Facade dowels test results according to euro standard ETAG-014


Facade dowels Installation chart


Facade dowels diplome