The saving Shower Valve

The Shower Valve keeps the preset warm-cold water flow ratio no matter how often the water flow is interrupted.

The Shower Valve saves 30% water, electricity and gas every time you take a shower. Pays in the very first month of use, the rest is pure saving.


TV commercial video:

saving_shower_valve_ar.wmv - 9,4 MB






In households, hotels, hospitals, old people's and children's homes, etc., wherever water is used for hygienic purposes (bath, shower, dish wash, etc.), generally, wherever you want to control water flow at a certain temperature.

Easy installing:

The saving Shower Valve is fitted at the faucet outlet, i.e., between the shower hose and the faucet:

  1. Remove the shower hose from the faucet
  2. Connect the Shower Valve to the faucet
  3. Connect the shower hose to the Shower Valve